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Members of Clan Omenborn





†††† Damon Omenborn - (High Dwarven King) Stands as the Patriarch of Clan Omenborn. With the blood of Kings in his veins, it is hardly unexpected that Damon is profoundly troubled with the future of his people. It is that concern that makes the Dammaz Kron, the Great Book of Grudges of the dwarfs as his constant companion. Lord Damon rule's from Karak Kol, and can be seen working his forges or in deep contemplation on matters of his people. He carries the Hammer of Power as easily as a feather and wears the Crown of the Dwarf nation with great dignity.

†††† Dillon Omenborn - (Greatbeard)Damons brother, and father to the twins Jacen and Jaina. He is second in command of Clan Omenborn. Unlike Damon who prefers the fires of his forge, Dillon prefers to be among the animals of the deep woods, His composed wisdom has lead him to be able to tame the savage beasts as well as calm impassioned quarrels in the council chambers of Karak Kol.


†††† Crea Omenborn- (Lady Omenborn) Damons second wife, she has brought a smile back to the great kings visage, her aura is said to be able to make even a troll smile. Crea spends most of here time among her people aiding where she can. As one of Dillonís students she has learned the art of taming the wild beasts of the realm.

†††† Jerem Omenborn- (Ranger) As the first-born son of Damon and heir to Karak Kol there has been a great deal of responsibility placed on his massive shoulders, but like his father he carries his burden with ease. Jerem has recently been assigned to Trinsic as a token of the new bond between Clan Omenborn and the city of honor.

†††† Josef Omenborn - (Ranger) Josef is Damon's second son the first born to him and Crea. Josef has been somewhat of an outsider preferring the forest and the life of travel to life in Karak Kol. But he still has not grown a full beard so he may mature out of this un-dwarf like existence.


†††† Quill Runebrand- (Master Runelord) Quill is the Master Runelord of Karak Kol, and some say, the greatest Runelord alive. Quill studied magic with nystul in Moonglow and his vast library of runes if stacked next to each other would circle the globe.


†††† Mistral Omenborn- (Greatbeard) Mistral is a world-renowned Grandmaster Bard; Mistral is presently the emissary to Skara Brae. Mistral is probably the most jolly of all of Clan Omenborn, it must be a trait of the Omenborn line that one with such great burdens to carry never let those underneath the see it upon their faces.

†††† Jacen Omenborn- (Beardling) Jacen is the oldest of the twins born to Dillon. Jacen so far has proven himself a skilled warrior and hopes to follow his hero, Kharas, into the ranks of the Hammerers.

†††† Jaina Omenborn- (Ranger) of the two Jaina is the youngest of the twins born to Dillon, Jaina has her fathers composed disposition.

†††† Gem Omenborn- (Brewmaster) Gem has been a Brewmaster for centuries, and although something of a rebel as a youth, the loss of his arm in an accident in his lab, have revealed to Gem the error of his conduct. Gems latest brew Troll Brew XXXX has been prohibited from sale in Karak Kol.


†††† Kharas- (Gatekeeper) is the legendary leader of the Gatekeepers, it is to these the most skilled and battle disciplined warriors that the undertaking of guarding Karak-Kol falls to There are those that say that Kharas embodies all that is right in the dwarven people and the he is the absolute personification of the Virtues.

†††† Garth- (Gatekeeper) Kharasís younger brother and some would say his spitting image. Some folks say that these two brothers are sons of the ancestor gods themselves.


†††† Octor- (Ironbreaker) Ironbreakers are the guardians of the deep tunnels and protect the keep from sinister creatures that would otherwise raid Karak Kol. Octor has risen quickly among these elite guardians of the deep. Kharas has been heard to say that if in the course of a attack one of the tunnels caved in, that Octor would appear unexpectedly out of it, dust him self off and get back to the fight.

†††† Bolton Ė (Ironbreaker) Bolton is a tough veteran of a thousand campaigns he is a stalwart tunnel fighter. Between Octor and him the mines and tunnels of Karak-Kol are more then secure


†††† Snorri Omenborn- (Slayer) having broken with everything he holds dear, he deliberately seeks death by hunting down and challenging the biggest monsters he can find. Snorri may not be very bright, but like all Trollslayerís he is formidable in combat, a fearless challenger who will never surrender or concede defeat.It perhaps goes without saying that his capacity for drinking ale is extraordinary.

Gotrek Bloodaxe- (Slayer) Gotrek is possibly the most, or the least, successful Trollslayer of the world. His search to find death at the hands of a worthy adversary has never been rewarded, but in the pursuit he has slain monsters, Skaven, Orcs and Beastmen beyond number! No one knows why he shaved his head and took the Slayer's Oath and no one has ever had the courage to ask him.

†††† Agrul Starhammer- (Warrior) not a great deal is well known of this powerful warrior. He has been prone to fits of rage. But his courage on the front lines has made him many friends.

†††† Durak Orcslayer- (Warrior) Durak hails from the forests of Yew; His ancestors have been warring with the Orcs ceaselessly.



†††† Kadrin Redmane - (Runesmith) Kadrin is a youthful smith with a fierily nature to go with his red beard but Lord Damon has great hopes for Karak Kol's new smith.



†††† Keran Blackstone- (Warrior) Keran is another one of the young Dwarfs in the hold that has revealed great potential. His teacherís say he will make an exceptional battle commander as a consequence he may one day be talented enough to become a member of the Kings personal guard the Hammerers.


†††† Thorek Ironmaul- (Warrior) Thorek was left at the very Gates of Karak Kol. Thorek has been raised by Kharas and his brother Garth and have passed on to him all that is proper in the dwarven world.



Zarak Thuul- (Craftsman)Zarak is another of the young dwarfs that have apprenticed them selves to Lord Damon.His teachers say he has a keen eye for only the finest ore.