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The Great Book of Grudges

The Dammaz

The Dammaz


It is for time Immemorial that I put pen to these pages. Be it known to all who view these hallowed pages that to look upon these names is to read of death. A name put to letters within this tome is forfeit of life.

Those to whom this tome is entrusted are from now through eternity guided to meet out Dwarven justice with prejudice! No quarter shall be offered, nor accepted from an enemy upon these pages. They shall be accorded no honor, no pity. By their acts against the Dwarven nation they have sealed their fate and the Bearer's shall see to it.          

                      Lord Damon Omenborn

                         High Dwarven King

1) The Orc Clans.
This grudge has been entered against the Orcs for waging war on all races of Britannia and the murder and slavery of untold dwarfs. No Orc shall be spared, from the strongest warrior to mewling cub, as a race they shall fall to our Axes and Hammers.

2) The Ogre Tribes
Let it be recorded that for Conspiring with the greenskins in waging war upon the Dwarven kingdom, for killing and looting of many Dwarven caravans. From the highest to the lowest all shall know Dwarven steel.

3) The Troll Clans
Lest they never be forgotten, we record a grudge against the Troll clans for conspiring with the Orcs and Ogres in waging war on the Sons of Grungni, for the barbaric habit of hunting dwarves and using Dwarves as game. For the countless atrocities committed against the peoples of Clan Omenborn. They shall be routed from their swamps and mountains to be destroyed. Let no Dwarf rest until this deed is done and the last Troll is slain.

4) Kharas, Leader of the famed Hammerers, has noted a grudge against Telimicus for insults made while Kharas was in heated battle against Earth Elementals. For this let no dwarf rest till this manling breathes any more.

5) With a saddened heart I take quill to hand and enter another grudge against the Orcs, This one is for the death of my wife
Willow Omenborn. For this grievous wound do I make this record for all to read.  We shall renew our efforts to bring all of Orc-kind to pay for their murderous deeds.

6) Mistral Omenborn has noted a grudge against Firebird. This base brigand did loot the noble warriors who fell during the
Battle of Icewall.

7) An expedition had been sent forth to discover the treasure lost at Kazad Uzkul, T'was led by one of the bravest warriors of Clan Omenborn, Kharas, They met vast resistance from many of the Undead and many stout warriors from the Order of Stonesoul were slain, a foul manling miscreant named Davin did hurl insults and looted many who did fall, for this crime and others his name is now entombed in the book of grudges.

8) Dillon Omenborn has taken a grudge against the Manling Angus for his wanton slaughter of the brave duelists of Jhelom, Let no dwarf let this heathen live.

9) The High King Himself, Lord Damon Omenborn, has taken a Grudge against the foul murderer Lurdness for his cowardly attack upon the King and stealing much needed supplies, to all who read these words let him know how Dwarfs make justice.

10) The Dark Elven houses for trespassing upon our homelands within the belly of the
Frozen Mountains. Forever shall they be remembered for waging war upon our peoples during the age of Ruin, for kidnapping of citizens of the Dwarven nation to fill their slave pens, and for the pacts made with demon spawn during their use of black magics. These fiends shall be routed from our halls. Let no Dark Elf tread the lands of Britannia. We shall share our home no longer with these vermin. They shall be slaughtered to the last pointy-eared child, their bodies dragged to the surface to be bleached in the sun so that their rotting corpses shall not soil our home!

11) A grudge has been entered against the murderous Juka for encroaching upon our lands, for the raiding of our merchant caravans and their raids and wonton destruction of the outlying villages of our nations. Their presence has gone beyond a mere nuisance. These beasts must be put down and every trace of their vile existence erased from our mountains. They must be rooted out of every cave and bolt-hole and be put to the task.

12) A grudge has been made by Kharas against the manling Quentis McCrae, on behalf of his cowardly attack upon him while Kharas stood his post as Gatekeeper of Karak Kol. Let no Dwarf rest till his head is on a pike adorning the very Gates of Karak Kol.


13) Octor of the Ironbreakers has recorded a grudge against the manling Bucket head of the Highland Guard for his aiding and abetting the enemy while warriors of the clan did battle in the depths of Khaldun. Let this misdeed be avenged afore any more grudges weigh the dwarf nation down.


14) On the seventh day in the month of July the Murderer GeeKay did attempt to assault Karak-Kol and was repelled, but for his attempt we shall still seek retribution.



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