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Dwarven Dictionary

This dictionary is my favorite. It tells a lot about how a Dwarf thinks and acts.

Common Words

A: Of, with, within, to

Af: They, you (plural)

Ai: Yes

Bin: In, on, beside

Ek: He, she, it you (singular)

Nai: No

Ok: Why, how

Or: I, me, myself

Um: Them, those, these

Un: And

Ut: Us, we ourselves

Wanrag: Where

Wanarak: When


Ong: One

Tuk: Two

Dwe: Three

Fut: Four

Sak: Five

Siz: Six

Set: Seven

Odro: Eight

Nuk: Nine

Don: Ten

Kantuz: One hundred

Millus: One Thousand


Agrul: Stone carving; lines in the face of a very old Dwarf

Angaz: Ironwork

Ankor: Domain or realm

Az: War axe

Azgul: Treasure hoard

Azul: Metal of any kind; dependable; a sturdy Dwarf


Bar: A fortified gateway or door

Barag: War machine

Baraz: A bond or promise

Boga: A candle which blows out unexpectedly plunging the tunnel into


Bok: Banging your head on the roof of a low tunnel; characteristic scar on

the forehead caused by same

Boki: Slang word for a Dwarf miner

Bolg: Large fat belly. Also a state of extreme wealth, age and contentment

Bryn: Gold which shines strikingly in the sunlight; anything shiny or



Chuf: Pieces of very old cheese a Dwarf miner keeps under his hat for



Dammaz: A grievance, grudge, or insult to be avenged

Dal: Old; good

Dar: A challenge or bet

Dok: Watch, observe or see; also refers to the eye

Dongliz: The parts of a Dwarf's body that are impossible to scratch

Drakk: Dragon

Drek: Far, a great distance; great ambition or enterprise

Dreng: Slay in combat

Drengi: Slayer

Drongnel: Dragon stew with cave mushrooms marinated in strong ale

Drung: To defeat, vanquish

Duk: Low, narrow tunnel

Dum: Doom or darkness

Durak: Hard

Duraz: Stone or slab

Dawi: Dwarfs


Ekrund: A stairway descending beneath the ground

Elgi: Elves

Elgram: Weak, enfeebled, thin

Elgraz: Construction that looks as if it is about to collapse


Frongol: Mushroom which grow at the back of a cave


Galaz: Gold of particular ornamental value

Garaz: Fearless, rebellious

Gand: Find, discover

Gazan: Plains, wasteland

Gibal: Fragment of food enmeshed in a Dwarf's beard

Ginit: Small stone which works its way into your boot causing discomfort

Girt: Broad tunnel with plenty of headroom

Gor: Wild beast

Gorak: Great cunning, uncanny

Gorl: Gold which is especially soft and yellow; the color yellow

Gorog: Ale; high spirits; a drinking binge

Got: March or travel quickly and with purpose

Gnollengrom: Respect due to a Dwarf who has a longer and more spectacular


Grik: Pain in the neck caused by continually stooping in a low tunnel

Grim: Harsh, unyeilding

Grimaz: Barren place

Grindal: Long flaxen plaits worn by Dwarf maidens

Grint: Waste rock or spoil left by miners' excavation

Grizdal: Ale which has been fermented for at least a century

Grizal: Poor meat

Grobi: Goblins

Grobkaz: Goblin work; evil deeds

Grobkul: Art of stalking Goblins in caves

Grog: Inferior or watered ale; mannish brew

Grom: Brave or defiant

Gromdal: An ancient artifact

Gromthi: Ancestor

Grong: Anvil

Gronti: Giant

Grumbak: A short measure of ale; trivial complaint or grumble

Grumbaki:A grumbler or whiner

Grund: Hammer

Grung: A mine

Grungni: Dwarf Ancestor, god of mines and smiths

Grungnaz: Making or smithying

Grungron: A forge

Guz: To consume food or drink


Hazkal: Ale brewed recently; a fiery young warrior.

Hunk: Carry heavy rocks or other burden


Ik: Putting your hand in something slimy and unpleasant in the darkness

Irkul: Pillared vault hewn in rock


Kadrin: Mountain Pass

Karag: Volcano or barren mountain

Karak: Enduring

Karaz: War or battle

Khaz: An underground hall

Kulgur: The art of cooking Troll

Klad: Armor

Konk: Gold which is ruddy in color; large and bulbous nose.

Kron: Book; record or history

Krink: Bad back due to continual stooping

Krunk: Underground rockfall; a disaster

Kruk: A seemingly promising vein of ore which gives out suddenly; an

unexpected disappointment; a venture which comes to nothing.

Khrum: War drum

Krut: A discomforting disease contracted from mountain goats

Kruti: A Dwarf suffering from Krut; a goatherder; an insult.

Kuri: Meat stew boiled up by travelling Dwarfs from whatever ingredients are

at hand. Traditionally spiced with wild berries.


Lok: Highly embellished or intricate; praiseworthy


Makaz: Weapon or tool

Mingol: Tall watchtower built on lowland


Naggrund: An area of great upheaval, devastation, or industry.

Nogarung: Drinking tankard made from the skull of a Troll


Ogri: Ogre

Onk: Comradely accretion of dirt and grime on a company of Dwarfs who have

spent many days underground.

Ok: Cunning or skillful

Okri: Craftsman - a common personal name


Ragarin: Coarse and uncomfortable clothing made from the hide of Trolls

Rhun: Rune, word, or power.

Rhunki: Runesmith

Rik: King or Lord

Rikkit: A small stone which falls on your head as you walk down a tunnel

Ril: Gold ore which shines brightly in rock

Rinn: A Lady Dwarf; king's consort.

Runk: A one-sided fight; a sound thrashing!

Rutz: Slackness of bowels caused by drinking too much ale


Stok: To hit or strike

Strol: Walk or travel leisurely

Stromez: Stream

Skof: A cold meal eaten underground

Skrat: To search for gold amongst rock debris or steam bed; scavenge; sparse


Skrati: Poor prospector

Skree: Loose rock on mountain-side

Skruff: A scrawny beard; and outrageous insult!

Skrund: to hew rock; to get stuck.

Skuf: A drunken brawl or skirmish

Slotch: A sodden mix of water, mud and pulverised stone found at the bottom

of a mineworking.


Thag: Slay by an act of treachery

Thagi: Murderous traitor

Thindrongol: Secret vault in which ale or treasure is hidden

Thingaz: Dense forest

Throng: Army; hugh assembly of Dwarfs; a clan.

Thrund: A hand gun

Trogg: A feast or heavy drinking bout

Troll: Troll

Tromm: Beard; respect due to age or experience


Ufdi: A Dwarf who is overfond of preening and decorating his beard; a vain

Dwarf; a Dwarf who cannot be trusted to fight.

Umgi: Men

Umgak: Shoddy, poorly made

Und: A watchpost carved into the mountainside

Ungrim: A Dwarf who has not yet fulfilled an important oath; an

untrustworthy Dwarf.

Ungdrin Ankor: Underway, the ancient underground roadway of the Dwarfs.

Ungor: Cavern

Urbar: Trade

Urbaz: A trading post or market

Urk: Orc or enemy

Uzkul: Bones or death


Valdahaz: Brewery

Varn: Mountain lake

Vongal: Raiding band of men

Vorn: A farm


Wanaz: A disreputable Dwarf with an unkempt beard; an insult

Wattock: An unsuccessful Dwarf prospector; a down-at-heel Dwarf; an insult.

Wazzok: A Dwarf who has exchanged gold or some other valuable item for

something of little or no worth; a foolish or gullible Dwarf; and insult.

Werit: A Dwarf who has forgotten where he placed his tankard of ale; a stat

of befuddlement.

Wutroth: Wood from ancient mountain oak


Zak: An isolated hut in the mountains

Zaki: A crazed Dwarf who wanders in the mountains

Zharr: Fire

Zhuf: Waterfall or rapidly flowing river

Zorn: Upland plateau or high meadow