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History of Dwarfs and Clan Omenborn

The dwarves of Clan Omenborn have kept to themselves for many years now, living in their two remaining strongholds in the real

The dwarves of Clan Omenborn have kept to themselves for many years now, living in their two remaining strongholds in the realm known as Britannia. They are Karak-Kol (Enduring Blackstone) and Karak-Grong (Enduring Anvil). There was a third named Thingaz-Valdhaz (Forest Brewery) but this hold near Yew was lost to the Orcs just over two years ago. The hold is now known as Zan-Grim (Harsh Blood), due to the loss. But in the halls of Karak-Kol they do not speak of this and consider it a stain on the clans reputation that they no longer live there.


     The hold of Karak-Kol was resettled by the dwarves after the attacks by Minax on Yew.  Some of the dwarves stayed to fight, others headed to Trammel and built Karak-Grong.  Karak-Grong is located near Mt. Kendall in the land of Trammel, due north of Minoc.  Many of Clan Omenborns craftsmen can be found here, for these mines are seen as some of the most profitable in all of Britannia.


     Karak-Kol stands guard to the pass that leads to the shrine of Honesty on the southeast end of Ice Island in the territory of Felucca. It has a ring of snow globes lit on all its towers, which are used by the dwarves to aid their ships over the stormy seas and rocky coast of Ice Island and has prevented many disasters over the years. Karak-Kol is the most heavily defended hold of the two dwarven strongholds. Members of the elite guard the Hammers and are stationed on all of the towers, and two Gatekeepers stand at its massive gates. It has to be well defended because of the many Orcs, Frost Trolls and Murderers on Ice Island often attacking the stronghold. Because of this the hold is under constant protection by the most trusted and hardened of the dwarf warriors. 



     The dwarves of Karak-Kol have many mines.  Due to their rich supply of ore, they have vast quantities of ingots for trade. The dwarves trade for miles around and traders come for their ingots from an even more wide-ranging area. They do trade on a regular basis with Skara Brae and Jhelom and have forged trade routes as far south as Trinsic.   They trek to Trammel to hunt and visit with their kinsmen. Along these trade routes they manage to get in a bit of Orc hunting, as many of the routes pass through Orc country.


     The dwarves of Clan Omenborn are considered to be some of the most adventurous clans in the dwarf kingdom. They are renowned for their ability to find large deposits of rich ore and granite. A perfect example of this would be the expeditions to the mountains of Ilshenar. The very nature of the clan is to be ferocious if provoked, but they mainly keep to themselves. The fighting styles of the dwarves of Clan Omenborn range from tactical fighting of the Hammerers and Ironbreakers, to hit and run strategies of the Rangers, as well as the mad battle rage of the Dwarf Slayers.


     Lord Damon Omenborn is the first Omenborn to sit on the High Dwarven Throne in 500 years. His family, Clan Omenborn is one of the oldest of the dwarven lines and dates back to the ancestor dwarf gods themselves.   Clan Omenborn originally came from the Frozen Mountains on Ice Island, and was driven to the Forests of Yew when the dwarf Stronghold of Karak-Kol and the mines on Ice Island first fell to the Undead.   Damons father, Willen, set up a brewery and armory near Kazolas Treetop Keg and Winery.  It was here that Willen set about to muster an army to retake Karak-Kol and the mines from the Undead. During this time Damon was making a name for himself as both a fine blacksmith and a stout warrior.  After his fathers death, Damon expanded the smithy and acquired a considerable reputation for the fine quality of his weapons and armor.  It was easy for Damon to ship his goods on ships across the globe to the great cities. Where he became renowned for his skill, soon Omenborns Brewery and Smithy had grown into a small dwarf settlement and other families came from all over Britannia to join him.  


     Within a few years, Damon became a prosperous merchant and a reasonably contented dwarf.  With triumphs like this and the fact of him being a well-known warrior, his name was fast becoming recognized throughout the realm. His small community lay near the edge of Yew and was frequently attacked by Orc raiders rampaging through the region.  It was during one of theses attacks that Damon met his first wife Willow; it was love at first site, yet the courtship was quick. All seemed going well for Clan Omenborn at this time.  The army was growing and business was brisk.


     One day Damon went with a shipment of Valorite armor and weapons to Britain, for this was to be a gift for Lord British. In the course of this trip Damon met Lord Alric Stonesoul and the two became fast friends. Damon found Lord Stonesoul to be a stalwart warrior and an gifted statesman, the two swore oaths to aid the other when ever the need did arise.


      As he returned home he saw the smoke gently rising from his brewery among the trees and thought it was about time that the great chimney was swept. When his troop rounded the bend in the clearing, Omenborn saw the smoldering ruins of his settlement. For during his absence Minax had unleashed her assault on Yew and a Orc raiding party had found the Armory. All the forges had been smashed in an orgy of destruction, the anvils were broken, empty crates lay strewn about and there was no sign of any inhabitants. The Orcs had taken off with every last one of them to who knew what fate. Damon and his companions swore vengeance on Minax and the Orcs for this foul deed and resolved to hunt them down and rescue their kinfolk if they could.  The posse trailed the Orcs across the Serpents Spine Mountains, rumors of the cunning ambushes and night raids on Orc camps became the stuff of legend. 


     During this time Lord Alric Stonesoul had heard of all that had happened to the dwarfs and had convinced Lord British to consent to give lands north of Minoc along the Mount Kendall to Damon and his clan to settle.  This is known as the time of great sorrow for Damon, for his beloved Willow had perished during one of the raids to reclaim his lost kinsman.  It was at some point in this time that the great Runelord of Clan Omenborn Quill Runebrand had convinced Damon that the moment in time had come, the time to reclaim Karak-Kol and regain her mines.


     Within a few months enough ships had been readied and a great throng had been mustered, so along with Knights of the Order of Stonesoul, The magnificent army sailed, their hearts burning with thoughts of vengeance upon the undead.   For a hundred days the rocks of our catapults made the walls and ground shake.  Lord Damon led the breach at the gates with his with elite guard the Hammerers and fought his way to the throne room where he found the traitorous Lich Lord Jou'nar. Finally spurred by his predicament, the Lich Lord gathered his magic about him and he and Damon did duel.  Long lasted that fight, for although a Lich, Jou'nar had been taught magery by the best of Moonglow. Yet Damon was no beardless whelp, and neither could land a blow upon the other. Finally as night began to draw its veil over the ruined stronghold, sturdy dwarf craftsmanship won over.  Jou'nar cried for mercy, but the fires of retribution burned in Damons eyes, for he knew that the affront of the undead would never be cowed with leniency. His hammer ended it and Jou'nar was dispatched for you can never truly kill a lich. Great was the slaughter, many of the undead did regret their folly that day, but Clan Omenborn paid a high price in blood too.  Thus the grip on Ice Island by the undead had been broken and they fled to the depths of Deceit. And yet there are still unnumbered entries in the Great Book of Grudges that must still be atoned for. On behalf of his heroics and his devotion to his people his war chiefs honored Damon with the title of High Dwarven King. 


     With this chapter in dwarven history closed the High King set about rebuilding Karak-Kol.  With the blood of Kings flowing in his veins it is hardly surprising that Damon is deeply concerned with the fate of his race.  It is that concern that Damon has formed many alliances and keeps the Dammaz Kron, the Great Book of Grudges at his side.  Even though the dwarves are reluctant to go to war and risk lives of their diminishing number of warriors, the cause of honor and freedom is considered so just that they rally to Damon with eagerness and follow him wherever he leads.