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Dwarf Ranks

Dwarf Warriors

Dwarf Warriors.

Dwarfs live in family units called clans. In times of war the clans muster together to form into regiments. The warriors of these regiments are expected to maintain their own armor and weapons, which are often ancient family heirlooms which have been handed down though the generations and presented to the Dwarf when he comes of age.

Dwarf Rangers.

Rangers watch over the Mountain passes that snake though the Dwarf realms. They keep watch for approaching danger and hunt down Ogres and Orcs. When they spot an approaching army they will send signals to the stronghold and once the Karak has been warned they start to hound and disrupt the enemy.

Dwarf Ironbreakers.

The Ironbreakers guard the deep abandoned tunnels from numerous dark creatures that would otherwise invade the hold. They spend much of their time below ground in the deepest, least visited parts of the stronghold. Because of the extreme danger of their duty they wear fine magic armor to protect themselves. (Also see: Ironbeards.)

Dwarf Longbeards.

Dwarfs are taught from an early age to respect their elders, and the oldest Dwarfs in the hold are accorded the greatest respect. Their beards must stretch down to the floor before they are given the title of Longbeard. The ceremony that follows when a Dwarf joins this elite caste is a great occasion; many a tavern has been drunk dry in the ensuring feast. (Also see: Greatbeards.)

Dwarf Hammerers.

The Hammerers are the King's elite personal guard and so are accorded a high status within the stronghold. They are very skilled warriors and are personally selected by the King himself. If a Dwarf should prove himself courageous enough over the course of many battles he may be selected to join the Hammerers. (Also see: Gatekeepers.)

Dwarf Runesmiths.

Runesmiths are ancient and powerful individuals and such are accorded a great status within their stronghold. It takes hundreds of years for an apprentice to master the skills necessary to forge a rune. They uphold family traditions of working metal and magic into mighty runes.
(Also see: Runelords.)

Dwarf Slayers.
Across the
Old World there is no race more ancient, or more defiant, than the Dwarfs. A proud pople, they do not cope easily with failure or personal loss. Those who are so ill fortuned will often forsake the fellowship of their family and friends for a life of self-imposed exile,
having broken with everything they hold dear, they deliberately seek death by hunting down and challenging the largest monsters they can find. Berserk in battle, inconsolably dour at rest, a Dwarf Slayer is a dangerous ally and a deadly enemy.


"Put your trust in stone and iron - stone and iron have always been true friends of the Dwarfs, and when all else fails look to the left side of your tools.
(Old Dwarf saying)