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The United Dwarven Clans Charter and Dwarf Friends

Dwarf Warriors

We the United Dwarven Clans do hereby swear to undertake and uphold the virtues pass down by our ancestors with our very lives

Preservation of the Dwarven way of life through any means necessary Spreading the word and teachings of Grungni to the unenlightened heathens of Britannia.

Reestablishment of Dwarven Holds and Cities through armed invasion, trials of combat and blunt political maneuvering.  Recovery of Dwarven heritage including- Recovery of Dwarven Artifacts and Relics, Reclaiming lands lost to our peoples and Reclaiming lost Dwarven Honor.

Protection and shelter to those who ask for it, if providing they deserve such an honor. Vengeance on all Kinslayers, heretics and other miscreants, and fierce retribution for all stains on the Clans Honor
Approved by the King's hand c. 2002




The following are people that we, the United Dwarven Clans consider in such high regard as to name them Dwarf-Friends. Please extend all courtesys and honor upon these people, and a word of warning to those who would do them harm. A Dwarf-Friend may as well been born a Dwarf and harm or harassment with be dealt with in true dwarven Justice.

To dishonor one would mean to dishonor all kin

1) Hewolf Merchant of Skara Brae

2) Rath Stonesoul-Lord of House Stonesoul

3) Dovolick-Knight-General

4) Jakob Covenant-Commander of the Highland Guard

5) Tyrone-Lord mayor of Trinsic

6) Lore Denin Marquis of Minoc

7) Papas  Alaric of Torquil